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Sell Us Your Car


Want To Sell Your Car?

We will buy your car today

If you are thinking about selling you car but do not have the time it takes to do so we can make it simple and worry free

Selling you car can require hours of your valuable time. There are also several other factors to consider

We have put together a checklist that might be helpful in guiding you thru the process of selling your car


Checklist for selling your car

    1. Write the advertisement
    2. Decide where to advertise
    3. Submit the advertisement
    4. Answer the phone calls. Can you take calls at work?
    5. Invite a stranger to your home
    6. Go for a test drive with same stranger. Who is responsible if there is an accident?                   Does stranger have insurance to drive your car?
    7. Negotiate the deal
    8. Buyer wants to take it to his mechanic. You won't let potential buyer take your car by           themselves will you? Best to take a day from work to get this done
    9. Pay-Off your Loan...Stranger wants the title right away. It takes 4-6 weeks to get the               title from the lienholder after you make the payoff
  10. Have you moved? Lienholder sends title to your old address. Duplicate title another               4-6 weeks
  11. Don't make a mistake filling out the title. Duplicate takes 4-6 weeks. See number 10
  12. Collect payment from stranger
  13. Congratulations!! You have just made your sale


Why Not Bring Your Car To Us

We will inspect and appraise it.

If you decide to sell us your car we will pay you on the spot.

Simply bring in the title ,keys, owners manuals and any service records you may have.

If there is a payoff on your vehicle we will pay it off for you and simply deduct this amount from the proceeds

Yes, It can be this simple


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